Interview Dr. Arthur Tracy

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The Following interview was conducted with Professor Arthur Tracy. He was the department chair when James Farmer was hired as a visiting professor in the fall of 1985. professor Tracy had a personal relationship in the years that James Farmer was at Mary Washington. After Farmers Retirement from Mary Washington, it was Arthur Tracy who asked for the school to support James Farmer Financially.

Discursive Table of Contents—Arthur Tracy

0:00:00:  The introduction, how he learned about James Farmer, And The discussion on how and why they would hire the James Farmer. Controversy about Farmer’s lack of a PhD. There is a little discussion on the budget for farmer.

0:05:35: The initial plan for farmers being at Mary Washington. Public lectures with other prominent civil rights leaders

0:10:23: his relationship with Farmer. Farmer involvement with community groups in Fredericksburg.  The structure of Farmer’s class.

0:15:12: how research was tough for Farmer. Farmer taught his class about what he knew. What Farmer hoped his students would learn from his class.

0:20:11: Farmers lectures. Farmer’s popularity at the start of his teaching. How Farmers religious and political beliefs affect his classes.

0:25:07: The attraction of minority students and faculty to the school through Farmer. Why it is hard to attract minorities to Mary Washington. Farmer wrote up a proposal for a civil rights program on campus.

0:30:07: funding issue behind Farmer’s program , how Mary Washington at the time had to stay very budget oriented. Did Farmer’s lecture change the prospective of students in other classes. Farmer’s involvement in the faculty senate.

0:35:05: Farmer’s visiting professor status turning into a full time professor. Farmers celebrity status.  Mary Washington never really knew how to use Farmers status in the country, felt like it lost an opportunity.

0:39:51: did the school ever use Farmer to attract minority students to the school. The James Farmer Scholars. Did Farmer’s presence ever bring the school closer to African history?

0:45:41:   the James Farmer Professorship.

0:50:25: Did Farmer have an effect on any other professor on campus? James Farmer scholars. Commencement speech.

0:55:49: environment of Farmers class. Tracy relationship with farmer.

1:00:19: continuing talking a little about their relationship. The Malcolm X debate. Limited literature that Farmer assigned. Relationship between Farmer and other Civil Right leaders

1:05:08: Farmer as an activist. Farmers Civil Rights proposal for Mary Washington. Black Faculty.

1:10:08: Farmers relation to other faculty. Famer’s legacy.

1:15:25: Farmer’s Honorary Doctorate. Involvement in campaign for the Medal of Freedom. attempts to support Farmer after Farmer retired.

1:20:45: deal with farmer after retirement. The memorial service. Farmer’s teaching at two schools was mentioned.

1:25:14: The statue of Farmer. The Medal of Freedom presentation.

1:30:01:  how the relationship between Farmer and the Faculty changed.  Farmer’s evolution with his relationship to the students.

1:35:11: how Farmer Changed lives.

1:40:00:   follow up questions. The interview is concluded

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